Sitting is the New Smoking

Try this at your desk to help increase mental acuity, relieve tension and simply  move!   Recent studies show that one of the worst things you can do for your body and health is to have prolonged periods of sitting.   So don’t just sit there – move!


Article Published, August 2018

The Purpose of Life is Living With Purpose

Today, at this very moment, I was asked by my Yoga Master, Sanjeev Bhanot, to write about the Yogalife Teacher’s Training and what makes it different from any other yoga teacher training. I helped Sanjeev design the Training in 2004 and after having followed other top level trainings around the world, I think I am ready to expound on the difference.

As with all trainings, in the Yogalife Teacher Training we are initiated to the yogic world.  We learn the philosophy, the anatomy, the spiritual body.  We learn the basics about how to teach a class, the asanas, how to adjust students and how to sequence a class and all of the basics. 

However, when you follow a Yogalife training, you can expect far more.   We seek to bring out of each student their higher selves, their inner strength and the dormant teacher within. 

Both Sanjeev and I have been inspired by the ideas of Victor Frankl.  After having lived the most intolerable suffering during World War II, he wrote a book called ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’.  It has sold over 10 million copies and been translated into 24 languages.

Frankl’s ideas can be summarised in three points:

1Our primary motivation is our will to find meaning in life

2Meaning can be found in any circumstances when we give ourselves over to something greater than our self, whether that is a cause or another person

3We always have the freedom to find meaning, even in the face of unchangeable suffering

Much suffering comes from holding ourselves back – whether it be holding back our greater selves, our love, our dreams…  To be happier and more fulfilled, we need to come closer to living a life with purpose and meaning.  In learning to question ourselves and the way we live, we bring out the deeper power within to share and understand the human condition.   As each student grows,  they learn not only a new skill or subject, but they grow into a unique individual with their own special set of skills and strengths.  And these teachings can be transferred to others through being authentic in teaching a simple yoga class.

In yoga, we reach out to the body, the mind, the spirit and the deeper meaning in life.  All our words and actions affect the students.  Students walk out of a yoga room happy, energised and ready to pass on these good emotions to others.  The yoga teacher has an enormous responsibility in this affect they have on others.  If the Teacher already on the path of living with purpose, they can help others to do the same.

I believe, and have seen in countless students, that everyone possesses talents that are untapped, ignored or undervalued.  We create belief systems that for some reason we are not allowed to show these talents nor enjoy sharing them.  We stow them away for a later date, or simply to contemplate them in old age.  This…, this is a crime.  This is total disrespect to ourselves and also to others who could enjoy and also grow from our innate gifts.  These talents bring to us purpose and contribution to this world.  Our goal in the Yogalife Training is to help each and every one of our students to bring out those talents and find that purpose.

Whether or not one follows the training to actually become a yoga teacher or to just grow and evolve to our better selves, the Yogalife Teacher Training can take you there.

Everyone has something to contribute in this world, and finding a way to live a life with purpose will set you on the right path.  And after a Yogalife Teacher Training, we will never be the same again.

by Anne Macnabb

Program Director 

Yogalife Teacher Training in Nyon and Geneva