Private Instruction/Workshops

What people are saying about AMYOGA classes, retreats and workshops:

“I (wanted to) thank you in person for all your support, care and wonderful insights over the years. Thank you Anne, you are fabulously gifted. »

“I just want to share with you that today I have been experience extraordinary joy energy since I wake up and for any particular reason.Suddenly I did the link with your yesterday singular power yoga class.And really as you said I was and I am still vibrating/producing or whatever such nice energy that m ylittle girl and even my colleagues benefits of my state ( they were all around me in a special good mode as well)! So strong and nice to be lived for ever! Thanks, »

“This workshop was great and I loved being in your presence. Thank you for your knowledge and compassion. »

“Thanks so much for the workshop : what an exciting, intense and strange experience, both physically and emotionally !! Thank you again for your time and for simply being you. »

“Thank you for a fantastic workshop on Saturday! You make us work and give us so much energy and many good advices!I came home like a new person with a lot of energy, I have to try to attend your weekly classes more often! »

“I have been meaning to send you a message to thank you for the GREAT workshop you did last December – the one on alinement. It was fantastic. It really has changed a lot of things in my daily way of standing but also in my yoga postures. And I have really progressed lately. So thank you. »

“it’s nice to touch at full freedom…thanks to our yoga teacher for getting us there:) »